Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Requests for applications will be accepted until noon, November 26, 2014. Applications may still be downloaded through November 30th. All applications must be postmarked by December 1, 2014.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Applications for the Berks County Housing Authority Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) will be available as of Nov. 17, 2014 thru Nov. 30, 2014. Applicants who are on a waiting list for other housing programs must apply separately for the HCV Program and you will not lose your place on other waiting lists. How to obtain an application: An application will be available online at: www.berksha.org or Applications may be requested by telephone by calling 610-370-0822, select option 5 or contact the Relay Service by dialing 711 for the hearing impaired. Preference will be given to applicants who qualify for either of the following (order of selection off the waiting list): Single person or families who reside and/or work in the jurisdiction of the BCHA (with the County of Berks, outside the City of Reading limits). Single person or families who are either a Veteran or spouse of a Veteran. If you do not qualify for the preference, you are still placed on the waiting list. How to return your completed application: All applications must be returned via first class mail only to: Berks County Housing Authority P.O. Box 4399 Reading, PA 19606 Hand delivered/certified/express mail etc. applications will not be accepted. Faxed or e-mailed applications will not be accepted. Postage due applications will not be accepted. Deadline for the return of the application: Applications must be returned by mail (first class) and post marked by November 30, 2014 to the P.O. Box above. All other applications received will be destroyed. Persons named on the application will be placed on the waiting list according to the date the application is returned to they Authority.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The waiting list for the Public Housing Program is now closed.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) is now closed.