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The Berks County Housing Authority (BCHA) is a governmental Public Housing Agency organized under the laws of Pennsylvania and funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The BCHA was organized over 40 years ago to meet the housing needs of residents of Berks County, many of whom could not otherwise afford decent, safe, and sanitary housing.

Our agency operates several different programs to assist families in Berks County. The BCHA owns and manages 209 public housing apartments and townhouses located in 9 different developments across Berks County. Our Housing Choice Voucher Program assists more than 500 Berks County families to pay their rent to private landlords.



You are required to notify the Berks County Housing Authority, in writing, of all address changes after you submit a pre-application. Failure to report changes may results in your removal from the waiting list without further notice.

Attention HCV Applicants: The only change that must be reported is your address. The only way we will contact you for the initial interview is by mail. All other information (phone number, household composition, income/job changes) will only be verified at the time of the initial interview, once you are scheduled to come to our office.

This does not apply to Public Housing applicants. Public housing applicants must continue to report all changes of household composition in addition to their address.

The Berks County Housing Authority is an Equal Opportunity Housing Agency.

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