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Tips on How to Give a Good First Impression
• Make sure you read the description/details of the unit before inquiring and clicking on the
listing. Most listings will provide general areas of the rental, price of rent, requirements,
as well as if utilities are included or excluded in rent.
• Your first initial contact with the Landlord/Property Manager should be an introduction
on who you are.
     o Try to refrain from the automatic inquiry of “Is this available?” or “I’m
• If the listing asks for certain requirements in order to schedule a showing, try and get that
information to them within the same day you are inquiring. If that is not possible, try to
get it to them within 24 hours.
• Once you secure a showing, please consider the following;
     1. Show up at least 15 minutes prior to the confirmed showing time.
     2. Have paper copies of any documentation they may have required in the initial
               *A nice introduction letter is always nice to provide the
               Landlord/Property Manager. Things to include would be family
               members and names, if you have any pets, things you like to do around
               the house (garden, cleaning), and how long you have been at your current
               residence. If you volunteer or do anything for the community that would
               be a nice addition to add to the letter.
• Try and get a letter of recommendation from your current landlord, employer and even a
long-term friend.
• If you like the unit, ask for an application and fill it out within 24 hours of requesting one.
               *The longer you wait the less likely it will remain available. You want to
               be quick, especially if you like the rental unit.
• At the end of the initial showing make sure you do not leave the rental property without
saying good-bye and thank you for showing the unit to you (even if you do not wish to
apply. Make sure you introduce yourself again to keep your name fresh in their mind.
               *This will help them remember faces when applications will begin to
               come in. They are more likely to go with someone they remember seeing
               and meeting at the showing. 

Good luck with your search! Remember, this voucher is for Berks County (excludes Reading

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